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We are a group of engineers, designers, marketers and support staff that are striving to provide cuttining edge ideas and technology in a simple to use manner.

Our History

We help support non-profits and other community organization through charitable services and production giving.

All request for sponsorship or corporate giving must be made in writing. You can email: sponsorships@fluid5.com

Our Culture

Fluid 5 is a mix of theme parks and study classes. We try to have an easy, open enviroment. We allow our staff to customize their projects and their workspace. Because we depend heavily on time, there are also deadlines that we have to meet. We look for staff and partners that appriciate the fast paced enviroment and the robust platforms and software that we build and maintain.

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Sales and New Clients
Phone: 760.520.1503

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Fluid 5
500 La Terraza Blvd, Suite 150
Escondido, CA 92025
United States of America

Tel: +1.760.520.1503
Fax: +1.760.520.1506

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We are always available.
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